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The old contents are left here for historical reference

old contents

Page for docs about MSNP24, the protocol version introduced with skype's cloud upgrade. and skype seem to use https connections only. Skype also seems to use its own old protocol still, with both TCP and UDP connections to ports >40000.

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Summary of changes

VER/CVR/USR are gone

The VER based connection method doesn't seem to work anymore. There are no signs that port 1863 connections are still used, but sending VER 1 MSNP24 to that port results in silence. No reply, no disconnections. You can send all the crap you want after that. Weird behavior.

The HTTPS gateway protocol identifies itself as mtp, an annoying choice since that name is taken. As far as I can see, the earliest MSN-looking handshake starts with CNT + ATH + BND.

Since VER is gone, I'm not sure if calling this thing "MSNP24" is correct. It's what the current skype client claims to use, so i'm going with it.