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The old contents are left here for historical reference

old contents


The MSN XMPP gateway used oauth2 through a SASL mechanism called X-MESSENGER-OAUTH2, which is "extremely similar to facebook's"^1.

MSN XMPP is dead so not going to detail too much.

FWIW, bitlbee has an implementation at least up to the 3.2.2 release. I have a pending patch to remove it - a very short patch (only removes a struct and a few small ifs) since it shares most of the code with facebook.

It used the following settings:

Last time I checked, this thing still worked, but the actual connection to the XMPP server failed.

Live SDK

This thing exists: Yeah, microsoft, open source, etc. It happens. There are other repos for android and iOS versions.

Sadly, even the oldest revisions, from 2012, lack references to wl.messenger. These versions seem to reference SDK 5.5, which I believe corresponds to MSNP22. Not that it matters.

Still, may be useful as general oauth documentation - it uses exactly the same oauth2 endpoints as msnxmpp, just with scopes for different things. A bunch of skydrive stuff too. Or onedrive. Whatever.


When you click the option to login with "microsoft account", that actually opens an embedded internet explorer with a page that does an oauth2 'desktop' flow.

TODO: document this more.