hello, my name is dx.

what does dx mean? i'm not really sure, it's up to you to define. impress me.

i came up with the name when i was ~12 years old and didn't assign any particular meaning to it - just thought of a few possible ones but decided to leave it undefined

this page documents the definitions that appeared over time.

my knowledge of english was very poor, so pronunciation based meanings weren't originally intended, but i don't mind those.

dequis is how i pronounce dx, from the spanish pronunciation of the letters d and x, "de" and "equis".

d-generation x

i don't understand pro wrestling but i guess it's cool? i mean there's a pro wrestling category in tvtropes. weird.


heh i got this one in one of those little papers from a doctor once. that was cool. i was like "hey nice i'm there"


not a huge fan of those, but i'm better at this than at linear algebra.


i'd rather use opengl... but haven't used either.


i like this website because it lets you buy stuff from china and i love china.


too pretentious

deus ex

i should play this some day, and "dx: human resources" too


in my experience only dumb people use "DX" as an emoticon. i'm not biased at all.

ham radio

this one is neat

intel 486 dx

cool processor. got a few of those at home. one of the original suggested meanings.


in traumae, aliceffekt's conlang, "dixi" (or "dix") means "language", from physiognomy(psychology). "this language, it was made for me"

x86 register

another one of the few original suggested meanings