This page describes the hostnames I use for my computers, and the computers themselves. Nerd stuff, I just like talking about this.

The pattern i'm using to assign hostnames is rather basic - a, b, c, etc, then come up with a word that start with that.

Some hosts don't follow that rule intentionally because they are deemed not worthy. Remote servers would be worthy but are also excluded.

main pattern


Old desktop PC. Pentium II 350mhz. Replaced by bolsa.

Named after a certain girl.


Current desktop PC. Core 2 duo E8400 3ghz @ 3826mhz.

Named after an old friend of mine (yes, it means "bag")


Current network "router" (as seen above). Pentium II 400mhz. Bought it relatively recently, actually (2009?). It was cheap. A compaq something, they had lots of those.

Named after the operating system used in a guide to "hack the gibson" written a guy called Caco_Patane.


Old desktop PC that I didn't use. Forgot the specs, some pentium D iirc. It's gone.

I didn't pick the name.


My first laptop. Died in 2013. RIP.

Named after track #3 of the album "The Gallery" of Dark Tranquillity.


My current phone. Motorola milestone 1. Trying really hard to keep up with the requirements of current android apps.

Named after the japanese word for "pair" or "two people".


My current laptop. Dell something.

Named after track #10 of the album "The Gallery" of Dark Tranquillity, as some kind of spiritual successor to edenspring.

hostnames that don't follow this pattern




Also meh.


My first VPS. 1gb openvz at buyvm. For a minecraft server. Shared with ruskia. Gone.

Named after saya from saya no uta.


Second VPS for minecraft. 2gb then 1gb KVM at hostigation. Same as above, gone.

Zero flux given.


Third VPS for minecraft. 2gb openvz at hostigation. Same as above, gone.

Name is a mix of saya and zeroflux.


First personal usage VPS. 192mb openvz at 123systems, was $15 yearly or so. Uptime was bad and tech support was horrible. Replaced by myon.

Named after youmu konpaku from touhou.


Current personal usage VPS. 512mb openvz at hostigation, $30 yearly with a promo. Uptime is great, network uptime not so much (neighbors getting DoS'd once in a while). Tech support is love.

Named after youmu's ghost half.